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New IBM FlashSystem Announcement:
Redefining Cyber Resilience

Tuesday 8th February 2022
Time: 15:00
Duration: 1 hour
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Join IBM and Northdoor as we explore the new IBM FlashSystem that provides performance to deploy cyber resilience tools without compromising application capabilities.

Organisations are challenged to tackle exponential data growth with speed and yet without compromising data security. This means that storage systems must have the capability to support today’s demanding workloads and cyber resilience capabilities at the same time. This dependency requires a low-latency, scalable and efficient storage solutions to exploit data and consolidate storage infrastructure without increasing complexity and data vulnerability.

Register for the webinar to learn about new IBM technologies designed to help reduce cyber attack recovery times from days to hours.

  • Get an update on global cyber resilience threats and trends.
  • Learn how to achieve cyber and data resilience across your environments.
  • Find out how IBM Storage drives high performance cyber resilience.

Cyber threats are one of the top concerns of organisations of all sizes. Even with measures to detect and prevent attacks, an attacker could still get through. With the average recovery time from an attack being 21 days, it’s essential to put measures in place to speed recovery and minimize damage to your business if an attack occurs.

Find out how IBM FlashSystem can help your company quickly recover from a cyberattack and restore your business to full functionality, with a set of data resiliency capabilities that extend from alerting of an attack to ensuring recovery of an uninfected copy in just HOURS – not weeks.

Designed for Cyber Resilience without compromise – Articles by Tom Richards

On the 8th February, IBM unveiled the new FlashSystem range – designed for Cyber Resilience without impacting even the most demanding production workloads.
Our latest blog provides an overview of the announcement along with our analysis of what this means to you when considering your next primary storage refresh.

Cyber Resilience with IBM FlashSystem

Plus, read Northdoor’s Tom Richards‘ thoughts on IBM FlashSystem announcement in Blocks and Files.

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