On- demand webinar: Speed vs. Risk: Effective Software Security Doesn’t Choose

A Veracode on-demand webinar

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Veracode- The Power of a Unified Software Security Platform

Veracode delivers the most widely used cloud-based platform for securing web, mobile, legacy and third-party enterprise applications. By identifying critical application-layer threats before cyber-attackers can find and exploit them, Veracode helps enterprises deliver innovation to market faster — without sacrificing security.

About this talk:

In order to fully secure your application, you need to be scanning code at every stage of the software development lifecycle. But using multiple different scan types can add up.
Join us as Julian Totzek-Hallhuber, Principal Solutions Architect at Veracode, discusses how – with a unified AppSec platform – you can consolidate testing types to save time and money. You will also learn more about the benefits of cloud-based AppSec solutions, including the ability to scale across multiple applications.
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