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   Learn how In-Memory, GPU-Accelerate Database
with Power changes the Game

 IBM and Kinetica explore an unconventional approach to modern analytics.

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In-Memory, GPU-Accelerated Database with Power changes the Game-
Ride the next wave of accelerated analytics by unleashing one of the most powerful, commercially available databases onto IBM’s data-centric accelerated server, providing real-time analytics for massive, complex and streaming datasets.

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • An Extraordinary Database –
    Designed from the ground up to deliver truly real-time insights, Kinetica leverages today’s GPU accelerators and high-performance architectures to deliver performance that’s 10-100x faster than even the most modern in-memory databases for OLAP workloads, geospatial visualisation and integration with common AI frameworks.
  • Moving Beyond Commodity Hardware-
    Learn how the death of Moore’s Law along with a shift to increasingly data-intensive workloads is causing many organisations to think beyond commodity servers. Built for today’s modern data-intensive analytics workloads, IBM Power provides almost 3x the I/O of PCIe found in x86 systems.
  • Applied Real-Time Analytics –
    Learn how this modern approach to analytics is already having a significant impact across a variety of disciplines and industries.

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