What Are the Trends? Understanding Software Security Risk in the Financial Service Sector

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Software Security Risks in Financial Services Sector webinar

About this webinar:

The twelfth volume of Veracode’s annual report on the State of Software Security (SOSS) examines historical trends shaping the software landscape and how security practices are evolving along with those trends. The data collected from 20 million scans across half a million applications suggests that organisations are making good progress toward the goal of producing more secure software.

In this webinar, Veracode and Northdoor discuss the findings from the state of software security in the financial services sector. This data and analysis aim to help organisations leverage the findings to better refine their appsec programmes based on the most relevant data.

The webinar topics will cover:

  • How the financial service sector approaches software security compared to other sectors
  • Trends over time to fix flaws
  • Most common flaws by scan type
  • Most vulnerable libraries

Presented by:

John Smith, Director, EMEA CTO, Veracode.

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About Veracode

Veracode is the leading AppSec partner for creating secure software, reducing the risk of security breach, and increasing security and development teams’ productivity. As a result, companies using Veracode can move their business, and the world, forward. With its combination of process automation, integrations, speed, and responsiveness, Veracode helps companies get accurate and reliable results to focus their efforts on fixing, not just finding, potential vulnerabilities.

Northdoor will introduce customers to Veracode’s solution, which is broken into three key areas:

  • Veracode Application Analysis – Veracode is the only solution that can provide visibility into application status across all testing types, in one centralised view
  • Developer Enablement – with automated security tools, API and workflow integrations, and tips for fixing vulnerabilities when they are found, developers can make security a seamless part of the development lifecycle
  • AppSec Governance – Veracode helps organisations move towards a mature program to protect against vulnerabilities and confidently reduce the risk of a security breach.

Read more about the Veracode and Northdoor partnership here.

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