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21st October 2022AwardsAJ Thompson

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Northdoor plc joins the Achilles Approved Suppliers list

An Achilles Certification is the most widely recognised and endorsed scheme across the UK, validating supplier information and supporting buyers through the critical stages of procurement.

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Northdoor plc is delighted to have been awarded an Achilles Certification and has joined its approved supplier list. Achilles helps buyers find the right suppliers, manage their relationships and enjoy increased visibility and control over their entire supply chain.

Finding a trusted partner is more important than ever, especially one that deals with day-to-day business-critical IT and cybersecurity. The Achilles Certification means that businesses can be confident in their choice of partner whilst also getting help with supplier sourcing, pre-qualifying, evaluating, auditing and monitoring.

AJ Thompson, CCO at Northdoor plc commented:

“We are delighted to have been awarded the Achilles Certification. It confirms that we are a responsible and trusted supplier that can make a real difference to companies looking for support with their IT, data and cybersecurity.

“Finding the right partner is important in any circumstance, but for those looking to outsource some of the most business-critical elements of their organisation, Achilles Approved Suppliers list should be a crucial part of the procurement process.

“Achilles has been ensuring companies find trusted suppliers for over 30 years. Our inclusion on this list is a real pat on the back for the team and the hard work we put into providing the very best service, whilst running a successful and responsible business,” concluded Thompson.


What is Achilles certification all about?

Founded in 1990, Achilles allows organisations in various industries, including Construction, Oil & Gas and Utility, to maintain a higher level of control. To do this, Achilles works to identify, assess, and monitor the supply chain of a range of enterprises to reduce the risk for buyers bidding for tenders and maintain superb industry standards. The accreditation service allows you to find the best organisations to ensure high-quality results and performance, ensuring that the tenders you promote or purchase will succeed. In addition, the approval of the system gives potential buyers the confidence that potential suppliers have been audited by an industry-leading accreditation company and have reached the relevant high standards for their systems.

Why is it so widely recognised and endorsed?

Certification is the most widely recognised and endorsed certification scheme across the UK and the world. The enduring quality of its risk assessment programs puts it ahead of similar services and provides the transparency necessary to help businesses trust the companies they work with.

Businesses that do not have certification will find that winning tenders is almost impossible, especially when competing against established companies that have sought out and achieved accreditation in their industry.

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