Over 95% of data breaches start with human negligence

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10 ways to prevent a data breach

Human negligence is a major contributing factor to consider when looking to prevent a data breach. In fact, it is estimated that over 95% of all data breaches occur as a result of human error or deliberate malicious action by individuals.

In many cases, employees may not even realise that their actions can put sensitive data at risk.

For example, they may use personal email accounts to send company information, or use easily guessable passwords for company accounts. In other cases, employees may be aware of the risks but choose to ignore them, such as sharing passwords or intentionally downloading malware onto company systems.

Regardless of the cause, the consequences of human negligence in data breaches can be severe. Personal information can be stolen, confidential business information can be leaked, and reputations can be irreparably damaged.

As such, it is crucial for organisations to educate their employees on cyber security best practices, implement strong security measures, and continuously monitor and assess their systems for vulnerabilities.

Download our free checklist and discover the 10 things you can do today to prevent data breaches.

With businesses now dependent on digital capabilities and the data that underpin them, cyber security is a key issue for all organisations. Unexpected system downtime or loss of data can cause huge damage to your finances and your reputation; with customers as well as regulators.

Mitigating human error in SME Cybersecuriy threats


Are you meeting your business and regulatory requirements around cyber security?

avoiding cybersecurity breaches caused by human negligence


Are high IT management workloads putting the brakes on business innovation?

protect your business from human negligence in cybersecurity breaches

Risk Mitigation

Why an overstretched IT operations team could be exposing your business to risk.

Cyber Security as a fully managed service for SMEs

For smaller organisations that lack the required internal resources or would prefer to invest in their core business, Northdoor offers cyber security as a fully managed service.

Trust Northdoor to protect your critical data assets, infrastructure, endpoints and users against cyber security issues, from core to edge. A multi-layered security shell around your critical data assets.

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Every business deserves the peace of mind that comes with having comprehensive cyber security protection. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest level of security, so you can focus on growing your business.

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