Webinar: Manage DSAR's in a timely manner with automation

Watch this on-webinar to learn how your organisation can automate responses to Data Subject Access Requests.

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Manage DSARs in a timely manner with automation

Find out how to reduce the cost and processing time of your DSARs

If you missed the webinar, but would like to find out how to reduce the cost and processing time of your DSARs, please do get in touch to find out about our free POC offer.

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Manage DSARs in a timely manner with automation

Under Article 12 of the GDPR, organisations must respond to a  Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR‘s) without undue delay’ and ‘in any event within one month of receipt of request’.

The consequences of not responding within the month time limit can be severe. Not only can it damage reputation with employees and customers, but the ICO is handing out fines for late or non-responsive companies. For many, this is a mammoth task, with organisations not only holding huge amounts of data, but often finding that it is spread across multiple databases and servers.

 Who should attend:

CIOs and CTOs; IT, security, finance, data governance, business analysis, project management, risk, regulatory and compliance professionals. If relevant to colleagues, please make them aware of this webinar.

Presentation Team:

Rob Batters, Director of Managed and Technical services, Northdoor plc
From being the general go-to chap for Technical Support in 1990 during Northdoor’s early years to joining the board in ’97, Rob has seen plenty of change over the years. Today works with a great team of hard-working professionals delivering Northdoor’s technical solutions and services. It’s a privilege!

Darren Leach,  UKI Channel Manager, GeoLang
Darren has over 16 years experience in the IT industry with extensive experience across Security, Networking and Datacentre related projects across the UK and Northern Europe. Responsible for managing and developing strategic partner relationships.

Noam Markfeld, VP Revenue Operations & Compliance, Infognito
Noam has  21 years of experience working in the computer and network security industry. Responsible for the Go-to-market Strategy and Sales development worldwide.

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