Tackle rising cyber threats without sending IT costs soaring

Tackle rising cyber threats with intelligent automation. Keep IT headcount flat while strengthening security with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) from Northdoor.

19th October 2022BlogAJ Thompson

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More endpoints, more threats

For IT teams, the challenges of maintaining a strong information security posture are growing all the time. Employees are now just as likely to connect devices to the corporate network as they are to untrusted networks in homes, cafés and airports. On top of that, the number of endpoints is also rising: many employees have personal and corporate-issued laptops and mobiles, in addition to the traditional estate of desktops, printers and other network devices inside the firewall.

As the number of endpoints increases, so do the threats associated with them. Even something as simple as an out-of-date browser can potentially leave the door wide open to an attacker—allowing cyber criminals to gain access, move laterally through your internal networks, and encrypt or exfiltrate sensitive data.

High expectations, limited resources

Many workers rely on digital services to drive their day-to-day activities. This places huge pressure on IT teams to support flexible, hybrid working without creating unmanageable cyber security risks Click To Tweet

Many workers rely on digital services to drive their day-to-day activities, which places huge pressure on IT teams to shape security strategies that support flexible, hybrid working. At the same time, IT is tasked with mitigating the reputational, regulatory and financial risks associated with information security breaches. The challenge can seem impossible to resolve: IT teams simply lack the time and resources required to monitor and protect every device 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One of the biggest impediments to delivering watertight security is a reliance on outdated security tools. While cyber criminals are innovating with more complex and targeted attacks (often powered by professionally developed toolsets), defenders rely on legacy antivirus software and manual security monitoring.


Traditional solutions fall short

Antivirus tools and signature-based protection are no longer fit for purpose in today’s threat landscape. These traditional approaches rely on scanning for signatures of known malware to help identify and remove it. However, attackers are now using fileless and in-memory vectors to inject ransomware into corporate devices—techniques that render signature-based tools completely ineffective. Factor in an overstretched IT team with insufficient time to devote to their complex, alert-heavy network monitoring tools, and the only thing standing between your company and the front page of the newspapers is luck.

The good news is that there is a way to sidestep the budgetary and human-resource challenges of managing an increasingly large and diverse sets of endpoints. Northdoor offers an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution that leverages AI-powered automation to help detect and remediate sophisticated known and unknown threats.

Protect your environment with Northdoor

By deploying lightweight, tamper-proof agents across your endpoints, Northdoor can help you gain real-time insights into the status of all your assets. To augment your IT team, the solution can remediate threats automatically based on pre-configured patterns. The solution also learns from the remediation decisions that your analysts make, enabling up to an 80% reduction in false positives and helping your IT team to focus their resources where they will make the biggest impact.

The Northdoor solution is quick and easy to deploy, which flexible options to support hybrid infrastructures, and offers full protection against both malware and non-malware attacks. By augmenting your cyber protection capabilities with intelligent automation, you can avoid the need to recruit and train additional personnel—helping to deliver watertight protection without sending costs soaring.

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