From data, to insight, to action

16th October 2017Blog

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From data, to insight, to action

In the digital age, competitive advantage is increasingly based on the ability to analyse vast quantities of data to drive fast, highly informed decisions.

Whether you want to bring the right new products and services to market faster, to boost loyalty through better understanding of customer preferences, or to plot your expansion into new markets, the critical information is waiting to be mined from operational, sales, customer and financial data.

To succeed in the new economy, you need to get all of this data working harder, but much of it remains locked away in organisational and technological silos. How can IT enable collaborative access to big data to support faster, smarter decision-making—without big upfront costs?

Rapid ROI, low risk

By choosing an approach that marries your on-premises data with cloud-based analytics services, you can start small, deliver fast, prove the value, and extend your new capabilities in whatever direction offers the best results.

Northdoor offers a proven, step-by-step approach to gaining new data-driven capabilities through a low-cost, low-risk, hybrid-cloud model that delivers value fast.

Using the DataFirst Method, Northdoor can review your current capabilities and aspirations, define actionable use-cases for analytics, create a costed roadmap with defined benefits at each stage, select the best pilot project aligned with key business objectives, and apply our know-how to cut time-to-value. The real beauty of this approach is that you can start anywhere, achieve value, and fill in the gaps later. The DataFirst Method is designed to create an agile cycle in which each success creates new opportunities and builds more value.

Northdoor’s expertise and proven methodology significantly reduce project risk and slash cycle times, enabling you to bring the benefits of faster insight to the business without the need to make permanent investments upfront.

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Bringing analytics to the masses

The DataFirst Method is a fast-track route to building new big-data and machine-learning capabilities on the IBM Watson Data Platform. Northdoor believes that this IBM offering is the most comprehensive and cohesive analytics platform on the market.

Built on open-source Apache Spark technology, Watson Data Platform enables companies to provide intuitive, self-service analytics to all knowledge workers, from specialist data scientists to business analysts.

For more information on how access to analytics is being democratised.

Based in the cloud, with a simple pay-as-you-use subscription model, the IBM Watson Data Platform empowers business users to compose their own intelligence analytics services from pre-built “patterns”, and to apply them to both corporate and third-party data sets. Patterns are based on capabilities rather than technologies, enabling business users to assemble their own services in a rapid, easy, low-cost and repeatable way. The required underlying technology is then seamlessly and automatically orchestrated behind the scenes. For IT departments, this approach eliminates the need to deploy infrastructure, to set up and run databases and applications, and to manage security and data protection—dramatically reducing both cost and complexity.

Built-in machine learning removes friction from processes and helps all employees to participate in creating value out of data. A rich catalogue of APIs enables users to plug in capabilties such as natural language processing, and powerful collaboration tools help analytics to transcend technological silos and organisational boundaries.

By empowing business users to experiment with different data sets, gain fresh insight and then refine their analytics, IBM Watson Data Platform creates a virtuous circle that delivers more and more business value over time.

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Take the first step

Northdoor offers a no-cost, no-obligation workshop to introduce the DataFirst Method and identify a suitable pilot analytics project.

During this half-day session, our experienced consultants will highlight the likely cost and value of the pilot and sketch out a longer-term strategic roadmap for analytics.

The goal of the engagement is to demonstrate how you can start building your future analytics platform in bite-sized chunks that deliver a genuine return on investment at every stage.

Get in touch to find out how Northdoor can help your business get up to speed with analytics, and for more information on our no-obligation analytics workshop.

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