Staying Cyber Secure: Top tips to keep your business safe during COVID-19

20th March 2020BlogAJ Thompson

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Top tips to keep your business safe during COVID-19

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is part of GCHQ, has confirmed that cyber criminals posing as healthcare officials are preying on people’s fears over COVID-19 to make money, by launching various cyber-attacks.

Coronavirus-themed phishing emails containing infected attachments with bogus safety information have been sent out to individuals across the UK.  Once opened, devices are infected with malware.

Using false domain names to impersonate the email addresses of organisations such as US Centre for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation, cyber criminals are duping recipients into handing over their passwords and even bitcoin donations to fund a fake vaccine.

The shipping, transport and retail sectors have been widely affected with documents stolen and computers encrypted to hold people to ransom.

This and the unprecedented shift to distance working brings a whole new set of cybersecurity challenges. So how can you best keep your business cyber-secure during the pandemic?

Cyber Risks due to COVID-19

Here are our top tips

1.) Be on your guard for unexpected emails, too good to be true offers, poor spelling in otherwise innocent looking web pages and email, the chances are that these could be fraudulent.

2.) Anything of this nature should be deleted, binned or ignored. If you’re unsure, call your contact directly and confirm before clicking on the link.

3.) If something you deleted turns out to be genuine, then it can always be resent or recovered. Read more on Phishing Tips.

4.) Managing cyber threats when IT environments are so fluid is extremely challenging at the best of times. With the help of our cyber risk management platform, RiskXchange, we can help you monitor and manage these threats free of charge.

5.) RiskXchange takes an external, non-intrusive snapshot of your IT environment. No software needs to be installed in your network and the solution can produce the first report in a matter of hours highlighting any areas of weakness in your cyber security status.

6.) Ordinarily, RiskXchange is a chargeable SAAS solution. However, these are not ordinary times. With this in mind, we are able to offer you an enterprise licence to cover your organisation for 12 months at no cost to your company.

7.) Your free version of RiskXchange will allow you to run an assessment of your organisation and, within a matter of hours, report back on any cyber risks identified to allow you to take immediate action.

8.) We can provide a webinar to explain RiskXchange in more detail or you can visit our website to find out more about the solution

As the number of free enterprise licences are limited, contact us for more information today

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