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How should organisations protect themselves from the risk of 'shadow IT'?

6th December 2016Blog

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Security Practice LeadAuthor: Ben Brothwell – Security Practice Lead



Now I need some content to follow such a title and a recent new product announcement from IBM Security may do just that.

Cloud is here to stay but this does pose risks that require new safeguards. We are all looking to improve the way we work. When IT can’t provide the services they need or want, employees often look online. Applications are very easy to find and use, often at low or no cost. An IBM survey of Fortune 1000 organisations confirmed that one in three employees are uploading and sharing sensitive data to third party, cloud-based applications. More alarmingly 57% of those employees know they are violating company policy by doing so.

Last year IBM released Cloud Security Enforcer; the industry’s first cloud access security broker solution with integrated access control, visibility and threat protection. It enables companies to take control of shadow IT and securely deploy cloud services and cloud-based applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, GMail and Github.

Black and white superhero with a red cape

Cloud-based applications bring a lack of visibility and control alongside an IT department’s continual strive to reduce their onsite footprint, increase efficiency and reduce complexity. IBM Cloud Security Enforcer combines multiple technologies to deliver a single platform to managed cloud-based applications. The following challenges are addressed to bring peace of mind to every CIO or CISO:

  • Gain visibility of all cloud-based application usage
  • Simplify connecting to approved applications
  • Remove mobile blind spots
  • Coach mobile users to use approved applications with customised alerts
  • Stop risky user behavior
  • React quickly to cloud threats
  • Address compliance and governance concerns
  • Manage account turn-off for approved applications
  • Speed cloud adoption, making your employees more productive.

With no super human strength or X-ray vision, your only hopes may be to become a Cloud Security SuperHero.

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