GDPR Rapid Response Programme

Download our brochure to understand how the GDPR Rapid Response Programme 2.5 day workshop can help your organisation understand and solve data protection challenges and compliance with the GDPR.

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How we address your GDPR challenges

GDPR is a board-level concern but generic guidance is pointless if you are trying to make strategic decisions specific to the compliance status of your particular organisation.

The GDPR Rapid Response Programme is a proven methodology that helps organisations to understand their maturity across five key areas.

Business leaders can then pinpoint precisely where investment is required to achieve compliance with the GDPR and related (UK-specific) data protection regulations. This in turn saves time, removes unnecessary spend and directly connects the organisation to relevant materials within the GDPR legislation.

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Customer testimonial

“I like the common sense advice from Northdoor – their approach of understanding your gaps then putting plans into place provides a route to a favourable GDPR outcome, and benefits that will continue to deliver beyond the compliance date.” 

Why Northdoor?

Managing data is at the heart of the GDPR, and data is at the heart of everything that we do at Northdoor plc. As an IT Consultancy specialising in data, we see it as the lifeblood of every business and we help our clients maximise every aspect of their data for competitive advantage. Our extensive GDPR services portfolio ranges from the 2.5-day GDPR Rapid Response Programme right through to Data Protection Managed Services delivered by our in-house data experts.


Industrialise your Data Protection programme for faster, more assured compliance

Industrialise your Data Protection & GDPR compliance programmes. Discover eight key services from Northdoor to make GDPR business-as-usual


System of Record for GDPR, from Northdoor

GDPR System of Record Solutions from Northdoor help businesses capture and organise data for reporting and EU GDPR compliance.


DPO Managed Services GDPR

Rapidly and cost-effectively access the required expertise for addressing GDPR compliance through Data Protection Advisory Managed Service

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