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If your organisation uses analytics to gain a competitive edge, your data warehouse becomes mission critical and needs high level performance. Traditional data warehouses are not designed to meet the demands of advanced analytics on Big Data.

IBM PureData for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology, is changing the game for data warehouse appliances. Designed to help you unlock data’s true potential, the new IBM PureData System for Analytics appliance provides performance straight out-of-the-box. The entire lifecycle of the appliance has also been simplified with minimal set-up required to enable rapid deployment. Also less maintenance is required lowering the total cost of ownership.

Performance straight out-of-the-box

Big Data and Business Intelligence ready

In addition to the features and benefits of the data warehouse appliance itself, you now get the added benefit of additional software to exploit big data opportunities and leading business intelligence capabilities. Included with the data warehouse appliance are:

Appliance models to fit all types of business

The IBM PureData System for Analytics N3001 is available in a range of models to fit a broad range of data capacity needs. New to the N3001 family is a rack mountable appliance to enable midsize organizations to take advantage of the same speed and simplicity provided by the larger models. Also, an 8-rack configuration is available to provide petabyte+ capacity in a single system.

PureData for Analytics using SAS

For more than 30 years, SAS – a world leader in business analytics software – has worked with IBM to deliver solutions that help organizations improve operational efficiency, strengthen customer relationships and increase profitability.  IBM, partnering with SAS, offers PureData for Analytics data warehouse appliance family optimised to run SAS solutions.

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