Combat Third-Party Vendor Risks with the right security framework

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In the absence of effective risk management, your organisation is exposed to the threats and vulnerabilities of the third parties you work with.

This event has ended, but you can read the case study on Rail Delivery Group.

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As your digital ecosystem expands, so could the potential cybersecurity risks that your third-party vendors potentially bring about within your supply chain.

To learn the ropes on combating third-party risk, join our webinar, “Insights for CISOs: Understanding how the right third-party risk management framework can boost data-driven cybersecurity decisions“.

The topics will cover:

  • The tactics of building a strong third-party risk management framework.
  • Risk Management best practices and how to improve the efficiency and efficacy of your third-party audits with the right security tools
  • Discover the power of security automation and how it adds value to your operations and improves decision-making.
  • Explore what solutions can be leveraged to help you stay on top of your security and that of your third parties.
  • Access insights on how to adapt your security strategies to accommodate third-party risk management.

Meet our speakers:

Alan Cain, Head of Information Security – Rail Delivery Group

A passionate professional with nearly a decade of industry experience, Alan Cain is currently the Head of Information Security at Rail Delivery Group. Having previously served as the Global Information Security Officer at Pret a Manger and holding many industry-specific qualifications, Alan brings a wealth of expertise to the table in helping enterprises strengthen their information security practices.

Darren Craig, Chief Executive Officer – RiskXchange

Darren is the founder and CEO of RiskXchange as well as an independent expert to the European Commission. With over 25 years of experience in the information technology sector, he has spent 20 years helping global financial service firms manage their security risks and transform their organisations to stay ahead of these threats.

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