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23rd August 2018Blog

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DPO – Data Protection Officer Service


Rapidly and cost-effectively access the required expertise for addressing GDPR compliance through a simple annual subscription.

Under the GDPR, all public bodies and any organisations whose core activity is conducting large-scale systematic monitoring or processing large amounts of sensitive personal data must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). In the digital world, large amounts of activity do not necessarily imply large organisations, and many companies may struggle to find and retain a DPO with the right skills and expertise.

Employing a DPO may represent a challenge to core business activities, and there may not be enough work to justify a full-time, permanent position – raising the risk that candidates may seek more stimulating employment elsewhere.

The Northdoor Data Protection Advisory Service is designed to help you rapidly and cost-effectively access the expertise you need for addressing GDPR compliance. Via a simple annual subscription, Northdoor provides an expert Data Protection Advisor as required to serve as an independent data protection specialist. Your Advisor can assist with the implementation of privacy-by-design and data protection impact assessments, serve as the contact point for data protection authorities, and oversee data breach management and reporting.

By using the Northdoor Managed Service to engage a specialist with deep, ongoing experience of working in multiple different client environments, your organisation gets the benefits of world-class expertise at a fraction of the cost and without a long-term obligation to maintain additional headcount.

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