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30th August 2017Blog

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GDPR – let Northdoor help you to get your priorities straight

There has been a proliferation of articles, whitepapers and facts covering GDPR which came into force on 25th May 2018. Despite this wealth of information, companies are still not prepared.

The reason behind this lack of action is that it is very hard to cut through the noise and really focus on what organisations need to do in order to get their house in order.  For example, if you were to do a Google search around GDPR, you are likely to get more than 4 million results; the ICO Guidelines run to dozens of pages; and vendor briefings, whilst plentiful, are often specifically focussed on just one area of the regulation. As a result, it is hard to establish an organisational baseline using generic guidance.

There is then the problem around ownership; is it IT, HR, Legal, Compliance…?

And finally, there is typically insufficient funding available as the company executives are not fully aware of the tasks involved in achieving GDPR compliance. A combination of confusion over ownership and board-level awareness quickly leads to misunderstandings, missed opportunities and risk of exposure.

So where do you start and how can Northdoor help you to address these challenges?


GDPR is a board-level concern but generic guidance is pointless if you are trying to make strategic decisions specific to the compliance status of your particular organisation.

With business process and technology implications for all departments, as well as the risk of multi-million pound fines for non-compliance, the key to addressing GDPR successfully lies in making it relevant to your organisation. And fast.

This is where Northdoor can help.  We have a proven methodology that helps organisations to understand their position of maturity across five key areas. Business leaders can then pinpoint precisely where investment is required to achieve compliancy. This in turn saves time, removes unnecessary spend and directly connects the organisation to relevant materials within the legislation.

Our GDPR programme will fast track your understanding of how your organisation can address GDPR. Every interaction produces a clear deliverable tailored to your business and as a result, we help businesses to:

  1. Transform GDPR research from days of trawling data to a two-day workshop
  2. Change compliance from a cost-based exercise to leveraging your data assets
  3. Focus activity from deciphering jargon to specific, measurable progress

Your business could take great strides towards compliancy in the space of just one meeting. To understand more contact AJ Thompson on 020 7448 8500 or email AJ at

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