IBM Business Opportunities 2018: Cyber security and GDPR enforcement

13th March 2018Blog

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Northdoor’s Chief Commercial Officer, AJ Thompson, recently joined Tech Data Advanced Solutions at IBM Business Opportunities 2018 for an interview discussing cyber security and it’s impact on this year’s GDPR enforcement.

A key focus of this event was data storage and security, two primary areas of expertise from Northdoor. GDPR brings in a whole new realm of responsibility between organisations and their suppliers, with all stakeholders keen to mitigate the risks associated with cyber security and the solutions available to help ease the transition.

Northdoor’s new cyber risk assessment platform, RiskXChange, saves organisations time and money by integrating and centralising all data in one cohesive dashboard, monitoring your cyber security score and enabling daily updates on your organisation’s level of cyber risk. In turn this allows you to assess the risk profile of multiple stakeholders from customers right through to potential investors. The platform is enterprise class, using IBM Blue Mix APIs and is all cloud based, forming a platform that is easy to understand, easy to deploy and easy to manage.

Are you investing in a new security regime? How is that going to impact your cyber security rating?

The platform also allows users to plan ROI through programming different scenarios into the main dashboard and assessing whether they will alleviate or worsen a situation, highlighting and eliminating potential risks ahead of time. With GDPR coming in this year, RiskXChange provides a simple, automated, centralised approach to conducting business securely in an open collaborative, digital world.

Learn more about Northdoor’s cyber risk assessment platform, RiskXChange, here.

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