Avoid being compromised by Ransomware

Top 10 Tips from our Security Experts

15th May 2017Blog, News,

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Top Tips to avoid being compromised by Ransomware


By from Darren Craig and Ben Brothwell
Security Practice Lead Team
15 May 2017

We wanted to reach out to you after the WannaCry cyber ransomware attack that spread across Europe on Friday.

Were you part of the attack? If you were, Northdoor would like to help you recover and rebuild.

Northdoor and our cyber-security partner Cybereason have proven technology that successfully stopped the attack. You can see a short video here of how Cybereason Labs identified a new variant of WannaCry ransomware and prevented the attack.

10 Top Tips 

If you were not affected but would like to see how we could protect your organisation from a widespread attack like WannaCry, read our list of things to do to avoid being comprised by any strain of ransomware.

Tip 1:
Install up-to-date antivirus solution

Tip 2:
Update/patch all software and your operating system. The EternalBlue vulnerability was patched by Microsoft back in March as part of MS17-010.

Tip 3:
If you are unable to patch SMB Server Message Block – Disable It

Tip 4:
If you are running an unsupported operating system, use an emergency patch and look to upgrade quickly

Tip 5:
Avoid clicking on links or opening attachments from unknown sources

Tip 6:
Enable firewall, configure it to block access to SMB ports over the network or the Internet. The protocol operates on TCP ports 137, 139, and 445 and over UDP ports 137 and 138.

Tip 7:
Use IE (Smart Screen) or similar to identify reported phishing or malware sites

Tip 8:
Ensure you have an active popup blocker running on your browser

Tip 9:
Regularly back up files to off line media

Tip 10:
Knowledge is power.  Register to follow our  LinkedIn page and learn how to protect you, and your business from cyber threats.

Make sure you are covered

If you would like to see how we could protect your organisation from a widespread attack like WannaCry, we are offering a free assessment to make sure you are covered.

Please contact Northdoor security specialists to see how the No. 1 EDR and Next-Gen Antivirus solution can help you.


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