What do you need to know about General Data Protection Regulation?

9th June 2017Blog

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 All set for GDPR 

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018.

To avoid potential fines of tens of millions of Euros, companies had to move quickly to understand the legislation and respond appropriately. Northdoor can help, with step-by-step reviews of your existing practices, recommendations for the future, and an integrated toolkit for maintaining control over all relevant data.

What has changed?

Together with the Directive on the Processing of Personal Data for the Purpose of Crime Prevention, the GDPR represents the most ambitious and comprehensive changes to data protection rules in the last 20 years. The introduction of new rights for individuals, such as the Right to be Forgotten and the Right to Portability, as well as the introduction of mandatory breach notification, are likely to increase the regulatory burden for organisations. Businesses need to review their current data protection compliance programmes to determine the appropriate next steps and decide on the level of investment they need to make over the next two years to address the changes.

Regardless of the UK’s status within the European Union, if your business offers goods or services to any citizens of a member state, you will need to comply with GDPR legislation.

How Northdoor can help

To comply with the EU GDPR, organisations now need to have a clear understanding of their current compliance position. An important first step will be for organisations to have clarity of their personal data processing, including:

• What personal data they process
• Where it is across their organisation
• Where it is transferred from and to (including to third parties and cross-border)
• How it is secured throughout its lifecycle

Northdoor is helping clients address these challenges with the following solutions:

Northdoor offers a comprehensive set of services designed to help you industrialise GDPR compliance by embedding it as a seamless function within your business.

Building on expert knowledge of both enterprise data management and legislation, Northdoor has created a suite of eight services around the GDPR.

  1.  GDPR Programme Audit
  2.  Data Discovery Solution
  3. Third-party Compliance Solution
  4. Subject Access Requests Solution 
  5.  Encryption Solution
  6.  Data Masking Solution
  7.  Data Protection Advisory Service
  8.  Breach Reporting Solution
For more information, read our service outline 

For more information on how Northdoor can help you achieve GDPR compliance rapidly, efficiently, and at low cost,  contact us for an assessment.

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