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18th April 2024

Insurance Technology Forums (ITF) Event: How to boost cyber resilience amid increasing threats

Northdoor is pleased to sponsor the Insurance Technology Forums (ITF) event How to Boost Cyber Resilience amid Increasing Threats.

19th March 2024

Transforming IBM i Development: Leveraging Visual Studio Code & Azure

Webinar: Discover a powerful tool for developing and transforming IBM i applications, leveraging the capabilities of VS Code and Azure.

28th February 2024

Fortify data against ransomware threats

Fortify your data against ransomware threats. Join the IBM webinar with cyber resilience experts to learn more about real-time protection.

16th February 2024

Learn about DORA Compliance in the Insurance Sector – webinar

Understand DORA and its impact on Insurance businesses. Gain insights from experts, compare best practices, and ensure your data security procedures are in line with the new regulations.

6th February 2024

TINTech London Market 2024

Northdoor is exhibiting at TINtech London Market 2024. Join us to gain insights from industry leaders and engage in strategic discussion about technology innovation

23rd November 2023

Cyber Security Governance Event Lloyd’s

Learn how to anticipate threats and minimise cyber risks. Learn from experts. Presentations by Arctic Wolf, Clyde & Co and IBM

29th November 2023

FSQS Live 2023

FSQS Live is your chance to network with experts and gain insider perspectives on the key challenges facing the financial services sector

28th September 2023

DORA Compliance For Financial Sector

Learn how to ensure DORA compliance for financial sector. Gain insights from experts at the INtech Forums Security Matters Event at Lloyd's.

14th September 2023

Unleashing the power of AI: How IBM Watsonx transforms businesses

Register for our webinar to learn how businesses are leveraging the power of AI with IBM Watsonx to solve complex business problems.

26th September 2023

Innovation in cybersecurity for the Financial Services Industry

Explore cybersecurity in the financial services sector, uncover industry challenges, innovations, and collaborative strategies. Register now.

27th July 2023

How to scale AI workloads taking an open data lakehouse approach

Scale AI workloads with watsonx's open lakehouse approach. Register now for the IBM webinar and unlock efficient AI scalability.

1st August 2023

Cost of a Data Breach 2023

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the risk factors associated with cyberattacks, join IBM for the Cost of a Data Breach 2023 webinar

25th April 2023

IBM Webinar: Operational Resilience in Financial Services

Webinar on cybersecurity strategy for financial institutions, with IBM solutions to meet regulatory mandates and reduce cyber risks.

23rd May 2023

Blueprint Two Event

Learn about Northdoor's innovative Blueprint Two adoption solutions at the Insurance Network Blueprint Two Deep Dive Day event

28th April 2023

Live analysis of three advanced phishing emails

On-demand webinar showing an in-depth breakdown of the tactics, techniques, and procedures behind these three advanced phishing emails.

8th March 2023

i-UG Conference

A User Group for IBM i on Power, i-UG has announced the schedule for its next events, check out the events calendar

31st January 2023

IBM Power10 In-Person Event

Join IBM's expert panel for a discussion on industry trends & challenges. See the value of Power10 key technologies through demonstrations.

19th October 2022

Cost-effective cyber-security for the SME, Thames Valley Expo, Reading

Watch on-demand the replay of the workshop titled Cost-effective cyber-security for the SME by Rob Batters

1st November 2022

Virtual IBM Power Symposium 

Hear industry experts and get a TCO and Cyber Resilience Assessment; watch Northdoor's Virtual IBM Power Symposium replay here

3rd August 2022

2022 IBM Security Cost of a Data Breach Report Webinar

An IBM Webinar on the key findings, insights and practical recommendations coming out of the latest industry benchmark research.

14th July 2022

Creating Business agility with IBM Power

IBM Power webcast on how to create business agility with a flexible and secure hybrid cloud infrastructure.

13th September 2022

Database Security Challenges and Best Practices

Join our on-line briefing to hear about Database Security Challenges and Best Practices from top speakers.

28th June 2022

Webinar: Working with Atlassian Cloud in the Financial Services Space

What is the synergy between data protection and cheese and wine? Register for the Atlassian Cloud Migration webinar to find out more.

17th May 2022

Webinar: Understanding Software Security Risks in the Financial Services Sector

Northdoor and Veracode webinar that will help Financial Services organisations to better refine their software security (appsec) programmes

24th March 2022

ITF ‘Security Matters’ Forum Q1-2022

James Cherry CTO Northdoor will speak about reducing the vulnerabilities in applications at the Insurance Technology Forums event

8th February 2022

IBM FlashSystem Storage Announcement Webinar

IBM FlashSystem storage provides the performance to deploy cyber resilience tools without compromising application capability.

31st January 2022

Disruptive Live Seasons Autumn Event

Tom Richards, Northdoor's Systems and Storage Practice Lead, discusses ways to increase cyber resilience for your primary data storage.

31st January 2022

Disruptive Seasons Winter 2021 Live Event

James Cherry, CTO Northdoor talks about Application Security and reducing the vulnerabilities in applications with John Smith CTO, Veracode

31st December 2021

IBM Security Webinar: Log4j Zero-Day vulnerability: What you need to know now

IBM Security experts will explain more about the Log4J vulnerability and the threat to any organisation that runs the affected code.

22nd January 2022

On-demand webinar – Speed vs. Risk: Effective Software Security Doesn’t Choose

Veracode on-demand webinar that discusses how with a unified AppSec platform - you can consolidate testing types to save time and money.

31st January 2022

On-demand Webinar: Migrate traditional workloads with Skytap to Azure

Access the Skytap on-demand webinar to learn how to move traditional IBM Power and x86 workloads to the cloud with Skytap on Azure.

23rd September 2021

Webinar: Cyber resilience in a rapidly evolving risk landscape

Sign up to watch the live panel discussion on data and cyber resilience with experts from Met Office, Lloyds Banking Group and IBM.

28th September 2021

New Research and Webinar from 100 UK enterprise IT leaders

Brand new insights from UK IT leaders on current and future core infrastructure and cloud adoption plans with keynote by Thomas Harrer IBM

8th September 2021

IBM Power10 Live Stream Launch

Mark your calendar for the IBM Power event of the year where you'll get an exclusive first look at the latest generation of Power.

29th June 2021

IBM i on IBM Power Systems the next ten years of innovation

Get the inside track on how IBM i and IBM Power are evolving over the next ten years that will bring fresh benefits and innovation

25th March 2021

Webinar: Protecting data and communications in a digitally connected market

The on-demand Webinar will cover the latest cyber threats and the proactive steps your company should take to safeguard privacy, compliance and data security.

17th March 2021

Meeting Lloyd’s Minimum Standards for Cyber Third-Party Management

On-demand webinar: How the right third-party risk management framework can address compliance with Lloyd’s Minimum Standards for Third-Party Management.

2nd March 2021

Discover Data Subject Requests across the Enterprise Webinar

Learn how you can effectively discover personal data and manage Data Subject Access Requests in a timely manner across the organisation.

27th January 2021

UK Insurance Industry Cyber Risk Assessment Report 2021

Get exclusive access to the updated UK Insurance Sector Cyber Risk Assessment Report for 2021 with our free webinar.

22nd December 2020

Next-Generation Privileged Account Management

Listen to find out what a next-generation privileged account management solution looks like and why you should consider implementing one.

17th November 2020

Combat Third-Party Vendor Risks with the right security framework

Combat third-party vendor risks with the right security framework. Find out about third-party risk management best practices.

12th November 2020

Cyber Security Governance: Latest Trends, Threats and Risks

Cyber Security Governance Webinar sponsored by Northdoor for the insurance industry on the latest trends, threats and risks that they face.

24th September 2020

Webinar: Expert insights: combating the three most common causes of security breaches

Webinar covers the common causes of security breaches: how secure are your suppliers, phishing: Email interception / spoofing, SARS compliance securely

20th July 2020

Cyber Security: Latest Trends, Threats and Risks June 2020

IBM’s X-Force IRIS team discuss ransomware threats for insurers, plus insight from leading cybersecurity industry analyst, Fran Howarth from Bloor Research.

30th June 2020

What’s the TRUE Cost of a Data Breach?

As the volume of cyberattacks increases, so does the cost of the average data breach. Hear the research results from Ponemon Institue.

28th June 2020

Best practices for staying secure while supporting home workers with Privileged Access Management 

Privileged Access Management -how to secure remote access for your workforce by empowering them to stay productive and secure.

29th April 2020

Follow the Money: Fighting Fraud & Financial Crime Q&A

Learn more about the public and private sector threat landscapes and threat actors and techniques to fight fraud and financial crime.

4th April 2020

Webinar: Manage your supply chain cybersecurity risks and gain insight from Pret A Manger’s CISO

Join Northdoor and RiskXchange Webinar to learn how to improve the maturity of your Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) program

2nd April 2020

Intech Forum Roundtable

Insurance Technology Roundtable Event discusses the results of the recent UK insurance industry cyber risk assessment benchmarking report.

30th March 2020

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2020: Highlights and Trends

The annual X-Force Threat Intelligence Index presents an overview of the threat landscape and cybersecurity risk trends of the past year.

29th March 2020

The Digital Insurer Webinar – Cybersecurity – Implications for the insurance industry

On-demand Webinar on cyber risks to insurance companies addresses the challenges that insurance industry needs to tackle for cyber security.

11th March 2020

Understanding the risk of cyber threats with Pret A Manger

Learn how to improve the maturity of your Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) program, featuring a guest speaker from Pret A Manger.

11th February 2020

Are you ready for something new from IBM Storage?

New storage made simple with IBM storage, one platform for hybrid multicloud. Hear the latest storage announcements.

11th February 2020

2020 security risks of Cloud computing in the insurance sector

Northdoor to present at Insurance Technology Forums at Lloyds on the topic measuring and managing security risk in the UK insurance industry

23rd January 2020

Enhance & Extend Spectrum Protect

Spectrum Protect customers take advantage of modern data protection techniques without a painful rip and replace process.

16th October 2019

IBM Think London

Learn about enterprise data protection Software-as-a-Service that adapts to business changes with simplicity, efficiency, and performance.

27th July 2019

Modernise with SQL

Webinar: keep your data safe and secure, reduce the costs of managing your estate and utilise your data to make better decisions.

23rd July 2019

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the most vulnerable executive of all?

IBM Webinar showcasing usable information X-Force Red Hackers found about executives and the actions that may put themselves and at risk.

15th July 2019

Cost of a Data Breach

Independently conducted by the Ponemon Institute,the cost of a Data Breach Report is a benchmarking tool for risk managers Worldwide.

21st May 2019

SQL Server Environment Modernisation in 3 Easy Steps

Modernise Your SQL Environment To Keep Data Secure, Reduce Costs Of Managing And Licensing Your Estate. Utilise Data To Make Better Business Decisions

15th May 2019

Does smart, secure & automated data protection really exist?

Find out if smart, secure and automated Data Protection really exist at the upcoming Sales Filter CxO Network Round Table Event.

2nd April 2019

IBM Storage Launch

Learn about the brand new faster, smarter, more affordable Storage Solutions at the IBM Storage launch event.

22nd March 2019

Guardium Tech Talk: Get GDPR compliant with Guardium Analyzer

On-demand IBM security intelligence: Guardium Tech Talk: Get GDPR compliant with Guardium Analyzer webinar

27th February 2019

Bridging the Gap between Privacy and Security

Using technology to manage complex data breach disclosure regulations by bridging the gap between privacy and security incidents

27th February 2019

Podcast: Fraud Trends, Digital Transformation and More – Cybersecurity Wrap-Up

Security and business must go hand in hand to protect critical data, empower digital transformation and drive better business outcomes.

26th February 2019

Northdoor GDPR Executive Briefing

Northdoor GDPR Executive Briefing is a tailored half-day briefing session to guide executives through key features of the new regulation and help them understand its potential impact.

18th February 2019

After the GDPR Enforcement Date: Myths, Realities, and What To Do Now

On-demand webinar: hear how organistions need a way to efficiently assess security and compliance risk associated with GDPR - related data.

30th January 2019

DMA Webinar: Meeting the challenges of your third-party GDPR processor requirements

On-Demand Webinar: Meeting the challenges of your third-party GDPR processor requirements in association with Direct Marketing Association

31st October 2018

Microsoft Future Decoded Reloaded

Talk Technology Over A Free Beer & Burger at The Fox Private Bar With Bytes and Northdoor during Future Decoded on 31 October.

18th October 2018

Lloyd’s Innovation Showcase

Meet Northdoor to discuss and demonstrate how to access organisational cyber risk insight to enhance your underwriting process.

26th September 2018

Northdoor GDPR Quick Start Assessment On-Demand Workshop

To find out how Northdoor can help you achieve GDPR compliance faster and more effectively, please contact us to arrange a workshop.

20th September 2018

Modernise Your Data Platform

Join Northdoor and Bytes aboard the HMS Belfast, London to discover how to utilise your data to make better business cecisions

13th September 2018

The life and times of Ransomware: before, during & after

On-demand webinar to learn best practices to protect your endpoints from a Ransomware attack and the steps you Nneed to improve secuirty.

30th January 2018

Enabling Data Insights with Microsoft Azure – Public Sector Event

Northdoor and Bytes will show Public Sector professionals how to unlock the value of their data at the upcoming event on Tuesday 30 January

23rd January 2018

Can your team respond to a security incident in 4 hours?

Join IBM Resilient Systems for the ISC2 Webinar: New PSD2 Guidelines: Can Your Team Respond To A Security Incident in 4 hours?

31st December 2017

The GDPR is Coming – Are You Prepared?

The 20 million Euro question: is your company ready for GDPR compliance? To avoid penalties, take control today with Northdoor.

5th October 2017

Webinar Day in the Life of Defending Your Endpoints

Join Northdoor and IBM for the endpoint security webinar titled: Day in the life of Defending Your Endpoints

3rd October 2017

Guardium Tech Talk: 4 Reasons to Love the New Guardium Data Encryption

Register now to find out more about database encryption and Guardium Data Encryption's new features to help address a wide variety of encryption needs.

21st September 2017

How to alleviate the security skills gaps through IR orchestration

Learn how to leverage IR orchestration in your environment to improve your team’s productivity, skills, and speed

8th September 2017

Advanced Analytics for Public Sector

Register Now for the Free Microsoft and Northdoor event to Help Improve Decision Making and Maximise Funding by Using Advanced Data Analytics

3rd August 2017

Aspera: Big Data Movement at Maximum Speed

Aspera: Transform your business. Join this webinar on 3 May at 4pm to learn how you can move big data anywhere in the world in minutes.

1st July 2017

On-demand webinar: valuing data in the age of Ransomware

What would you do if you found that cybercriminals managed to infect your computer with malware that has encrypted all the files?

24th June 2017

WannaCry Webinar Series

Join us for the WannaCry Webinar Series to keep you up on the latest on ransomware. Follow each webinar, replays will be made available

14th March 2017

Breakfast Briefing Event: GDPR – Six Steps To Take Now

Northdoor security experts provide companies with six steps to kick-start their journey to EU GDPR compliance.

19th January 2017

In-Memory, GPU-accelerated database with Power changes the game (IBM and Kinetica)

Explore an extraordinary approach to real-time analytics. Learn how in-memory, GPU-Accelerated Database with Power changes the game

1st December 2016

Northdoor’s GDPR Round Table Event

Breakfast briefing to understand how Insurance companies can prepare for GDPR and how it will affect your business.

4th November 2016

Stop playing “Chicken” with your data-related business risk

IBM on-demand webinar titled: Protect your critical data. Data Security - reduce risk on your critical data.

1st November 2016

EHI Live – Public Sector

Northdoor attends to EHI Live Public Sector Healthcare event on 1-2 Nov and helps Public Health sector for digital transformation.

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